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Beyond Home Automation

Despite of what the name could suggest, HomeGenie it is not just for Home Automation. Yes, it is for sure automation for "home"... meant to be a friendly and fully customizable automation system, easy to use for everyone, but still powerful and fully featured.
HomeGenie is your    Internet of Things   buddy =).

  • Modern, web based, responsive UI

    use it on every device, from desktop PCs to smart phones and tablets
  • Integrated drivers for X10, Z-Wave, Philips Hue and UPnP

    ready to use solution for your home automation
  • Real and virtual energy metering with statistics

    energy consumption awareness for optimizing costs and usage
  • Embeddable

    runs on low-energy and low-cost embedded systems such as    Raspberry Pi
  • Wizard Scripting

    create scenarios with your fingers using the live macro recording feature
  • Programmable InfraRed receiver

    use a common infrared remote to control your automation system
  • Speech synthesys and Voice control

  • Localization

    English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Netherlands. Other languages can by added by creating a simple JSON file.
  • Password protected access

  • Configuration backup/restore and factory reset

  • Customizable widgets and features

    create new features and widgets that interact with your devices and internet services
  • Virtual Modules

  • Programmable Automation Engine

    IoT ready! With web based Program Editor and compiler supporting Javascript, Ruby, Python and C# language
  • Dynamic Web Service API and Helper Classes

    make your "things" talk each other using a common language over the net
  • Direct access to  Raspberry Pi hardware

    GPIO, SPI, I2C programming using an event driven model
  • Integrated Arduino™ Programmer

    Create your own sensors and smart devices using just a web browser and integrate them into HomeGenie with the easiness of a  blink ;)
  • Service clustering via events forwarding and MQTT

  • Open Source