DLNA/UPnP Control Point

Control UPnP Lights, Media Servers and Media Receivers.
Play music, images and videos from any media server to your TV, Speaker, PC and mobile device.

Automation Scripting

Lighting Control and Scenarios

Create scenarios with your finger tips and shape you home intelligence with no limits by creating advanced control/interaction logic with C#, Javascript, Python and Ruby!

Voice Control

IR/RF Remotes and Voice Control

Talk to HomeGenie from your PC or SmartPhone or use IR / RF remotes to activate scenes and control devices.

Energy Monitor and Statistics

Energy Monitor and Statistics

Analyze data from sensors and external services: Luminance, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Kph, Rain Precipitations, Energy consumption and other parameters.
Optimize costs and usage.

About this project

Make all things speak a common language

Designed on a multi-standard basis, HomeGenie can interface to various devices as X10, Insteon, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, UPnP, RFXCom, KNX, communicate with external web services and integrate all of this into a common automation enviroment. So even if based on different standards, inside HG, all "modules" can be controlled and automated to work all togheter.
With a modern web-based user interace, HomeGenie can be enjoyed from any  pc, smartphone or tablet.

Some features

Will HomeGenie grant your wish? =)

  • Free Windows Phone and Android client
  • Weather data and Statistics
  • Basic Security Alarm System
  • Poweful auomation engine: IoT ready!
  • Extensible and customizable features
  • Service clustering via events forwarding and MQTT
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO, SPI, I2C programming
  • Localization (En, It, De, Sp, Fr, Ne)
  • Voice Control
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi


Web interface and mobile client

Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Web User Android Client Windows Phone Client